Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Do I Do?

Temptation, thy name is Sandy.

Remember the lime green NAS scarf? Angie modelled it on her blog last week, and I commented that I was jealous of her matching LAMB handbag. Sandy, that gem!, emailed me to say that she had that exact handbag to sell. And, she had bought it for half price, from Gilt Groupe. She has two styles in the lime green, and kept the hobo style.

True to Shop Your Closet, I told Sandy I couldn't buy the purse. And you know what Sandy did? She volunteered to send the purse now and be paid on Jan. 1. If that isn't a true friend, I don't know what is.

Note the cute black-and-white striped lining.

Now the question. Am I allowed to use the handbag before Jan. 1? What do you think, yes or no?


  1. My opinion? No, it's not allowed. Use the handbag after you've paid for it -- it will be fabulous in the spring! But using it now isn't playing to the spirit of SYC. I would really love to see you, of all the YLFers in the challenge, sticking to the rules completely. And won't it feel great to be able to say on January 1st that you did not buy one thing in five months, with no exceptions at all? I think it will. This one bag will blemish that record -- and is it really worth it?

  2. As much as I want to say use the bag now my conscience is screaming at me that you should wait till Jan 1st to use it. :-( sorry x

  3. Essentially, you'd be buying the bag on credit. Would it be okay for the challenge to shop on a credit card if you didn't pay the balance until January?


  4. Loopholes, schmoopholes. :)

    I'm going to agree with Kristen and Louise on this one, though.

  5. Oh, you guys are tough! But fair. :) So far it's unanimous ... wonder if anyone will weigh in with the opposite opinion?

  6. That's a tough one, Laura. I am not on a SYC as much as I am on a buying hiatus, so for me I would use the bag. For example, I bought a bag before my ban that was backordered til 8/16 and it just arrived. I will be using it.

    But your assignment is different, in that your challenge, as I understand it, is to dress yourself from your already existing closet, right? So if it wasn't already there, I'd say NO, sorry!!

  7. Well you know how I feel about you using the bag now. I told Laura that in my opinion it is OK to use the bag as a loan from me until payday.
    Am I an enabler? Perhaps that is what I am.

  8. I am going to be the lone voice! Life is too short. Enjoy your goodies now, now, now.

    You might not even like the colour combination in January :-)

  9. I agree with Angie- use it when you love it, and send Sandy some good vibes every time you use it!