Monday, August 23, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Last night I went with two girlfriends to an over-the-top movie theater where you have assigned seating in velvet loveseats, valet parking, free popcorn and drinks with your movie. We were the only people in a gigantic theater watching Eat Pray Love.

Javier Bardem was hot. Otherwise, the consensus was that the thing that sold this book was the book cover.

As mothers, we decided that Elizabeth Gilbert was damn lucky she didn't have children with her first husband. There would have been NO eating, praying and loving when getting divorced with kids. Well, there would have been eating - of entire containers of ice cream, alone at night sobbing on the kitchen floor after the kids went to bed. And praying - that the child support check would clear. But loving? We figured it might have been a solid decade before that rolled around.

One of my friends did get choked up in the movie - over the fact that the hotel in Italy where she and her husband stayed was pictured. Otherwise, not a wet eye in the theater. What kind of girls' night movie is that?? Tears, laughter, ridiculously named alcoholic beverages ... those are all basic requirements.

Here's what I wore:


  1. Beautiful outfit!

    Your description totally made me laugh! Priceless!

  2. Looking smart, as usual!

    Everything I've heard about the book and the movie is that it's a self-absorbed exercise in navel-gazing. I like your take on it. :)

  3. Yes! In reading the book, I careened between feeling horribly jealous that this woman could take off and travel the world for a year (and then achieve huge commercial success with her book - let's be honest, that was probably more jealousy-inducing than the travel) -- and annoyance with how completely self-absorbed she was. That, and the take-away seemed to be that you could divorce your husband, go on a trip to find yourself and your "balance," only to wind up the year head-over-heels in love again with another man. Is that really the right message??

  4. I agree. I drug my poor husband to see this movie and he didn't think it was ever going to end.....and I was beginning to wonder! I have read the book and sort of enjoyed it, but my opinion was she was so miserable because she slept with anyone and everyone. In my opinion that hurts a person's soul. The scenery was beautiful at times though!

  5. Wow I almost had a chance to see it and bailed at the last minute. Now I don't feel so bad.

  6. Oh my gosh. I haven't seen it and wasn't very enthused to go and see it. These reviews are funny and pretty much what I thought the movie would be. Do you think it is worth seeing when it comes out on DVD?

  7. San for sure it's a good rental - save your $$ for something else. That said, if you didn't read the book, you might like the movie more than I did!