Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katja Poses a Question

Over at YLF, Katja asked the 17 of us who are doing Shop Your Closet:

"Is (this project) about trying to break a shopping addiction or about confirming that you have a well-rounded wardrobe (or learning that you don't)?"

Wow Katja, you really know how to cut through the clutter :)

My magazine editor assigned me to write a Shop Your Closet challenge in the spirit of ... both. A lot of women are in the habit of shopping. I know I constantly was looking for something, at least for the past two years while I went through YLF's style renewal. So I thought it would be fun to roadtest my wardrobe. See how successful I've been. Style is a hobby for me. I wanted to know if what I built, worked.

But as I've gone along, it's dawned on me that shopping ... well, it's a bit of a plague. I've begun to think that consumerism drains creativity (when you're in a cycle of shop, buy, return ... or just shop, buy) and is generally a burden. So the less is more idea has really taken root with me through SYC.

I write about style, interior design, and travel, so naturally I admire beautiful things ... and places. But more and more I'm drawn to experiences, not things. Too many clothes or too many knick-knacks are just clutter.

How about you? What is your answer to Katja's question?


  1. Wow, that is an excellent question! One that you have another 4 months to work through. :)

    I think of all people I know, you were definitely in the right position to roadtest your closet. You've got such wonderful pieces and a clear sense of your own style; I am fascinated and heartened to see you be able to stop and work with what you have instead of continually adding to it. Makes me think if I ever stop changing sizes I will be in the same position someday!

  2. Yes the sizes thing is key - I hadn't thought of that! You know what else has been interesting? How many things I see that I like and then realize they are basically a duplication.

    Hmmm. You've given me an idea for a post about duplicates! Thanks Kristen :)