Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Friday

Hi guys - something fun for Friday! Here is my final NAS order. In last-minute Shop Your Closet panic, I ordered two colorful scarves from NAS, plus black skinny jeggings from GAP and a black cami from BR.

The scarves are up for assessment over at YLF. Not too sure of the colors, which I wanted to create a contrast with all the blue/black/grey I wear. Yellow is not the best color up against my face but it is great with the colors I wear often:

I was really surprised to see that the lime green and pink scarf had dark brown in it - I had expected black! That might be a dealbreaker as I don't wear brown at all!

The final haul in its entirety:

The BR cami is really nice. It has wide grosgrain ribbon straps that are adjustable. Length is shorter than Nordstrom BP camis that I usually wear. Those BP camis also tend to fade with wear because they have cotton content - BR is more of a spandexy fabric and thus non-fading. I would advise sizing up for length in the body, because you can always adjust the straps to get the neckline right. I love adjustable straps on camis!

The GAP jeggings are heavenly. And I threw in my NAS Kenneth Cole satiny tunic ... I love that voluminous look. Had to size down to a petite 4 to get the shoulders anywhere near fitting - they still are slightly off my shoulder but 2P is gone and since there is no more buying I am keeping this!

In other news, I am down a pound and a half this week. Not sure if SYC and food consumption are related but stay tuned!


  1. I hope you keep both scarves; I think they will be great additions to your closet, and the yellow will be different enough from what you already own to keep you on your toes and will force to really "shop your closet" for the perfect combination.

  2. You know Kristen, that is exactly what I am going to do. I was considering exchanging the yellow one but since I can't find the receipt and it has no tags it was pretty much decided for me. Plus my desire to enter the doors of Nordstrom, after being there every other day during NAS, is zero right now!