Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling Guilt Pangs

I didn't cheat.

But I feel like I did.

Yesterday, I went on a tear. Literally. Tore the house apart. Photographic evidence of the room formerly known as our living room:

All in the interest of decluttering. You see, I am a book person. But all these books are getting to be too much. I am considering buying a Kindle as a decluttering tool!

Honestly. I can only let go of my books if I can reassure myself that I can always download them someday, if I miss them. So my criteria is that all hardcovers can stay, no questions asked, but paperbacks? You are all up for possible dismissal.

The decluttering is part of a larger project: Transform fourth bedroom from husband's (super duper messy) office cluttered with beer steins filled with coins and Cubs photos into guest room. Move husband's office into library, where I work.

It means getting rid of husband's desk, bookshelf and filing cabinet, storing the cute daybed that's currently in his office, and moving an antique brass bed, a ladies' desk, nightstand and small bookcase into what will be the guest room.


Now to the guilt. Yesterday my son and I visited that den of iniquity, The Paper Source. $170 later, we were out of there. I nearly had a stroke when she told me the total. I bought some organizing items for the library so my husband and I don't kill each other trying to share the space. I bought two of these accordion file holders for $35 each:

and the cute files to go in them. I bought a fall leaf wreath-making kit and a gold pen to decorate the leaves (get ready for another crafty post) for $25. Then I bought some school stuff for my son. Oh, and spy glasses that let you see what's behind you. For my son, of course :)

Afterward, I felt deflated, like I had cheated, even though technically, I hadn't. So I wonder, is Shop Your Closet really about not buying at all, even beyond the world of clothing?

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