Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2: No Signs of Agony ... Yet

How many days of this are there going to be? Five times 30 ... Yikes! (again).

Deep breath: Welcome, Day 2.

Another auspicious sign. Yesterday my sister-in-law called with the breathless news that had aquamarine necklaces for as little as $239. Two days ago, the least expensive was about $2,000!

I know, I hear you!! Cheating already! But actually, this is not jewelry -- these are therapeutic gemstones, and the reason it's auspicious? Aquamarine is the necklace I've been waiting for to help with my writing projects. Aqua fosters creativity and intuition. Up til now I managed to afford six tiny chips. A whole necklace with hundreds of chips? Super powerful!

(Yes, I don't blame you for thinking I've lost it for talking about therapeutic gemstones during a Shop Your Closet project. Thank you for bearing with me!).

Have any of you felt changes already? I was actually panicked a couple of times yesterday and went into my closet to dig around in boxes. Honestly! I have plenty of clothes. It's just that I'm dreading the first time I see something I WANT and having to get past that. WANTING. I wish it would just happen and get it over with!


  1. I did not know aquamarine had any therapeutic qualities; that's my birthstone but I don't own anything in it. (Don't particularly like the color of it.) Interesting! So did you get it? Does that count as cheating if you did?

    It's amazing the power that our clothes have over us, and the emotional reactions they can stir up. Who knew?

  2. A lot of gemstones have therapeutic qualities ... but they lose that power when they are cut and polished and put into a metal setting. Bummer, right?

    I will ponder whether this is cheating today but my gut says no, as I don't wear the necklace. I set it next to me while writing and do various placements with it. You can even make aquamarine water and drink it. Not something I do with my JCrew statement necklaces!

    Aqua is a great birthstone. You can read about it on Gemisphere - just plug aquamarine into the "search" box.