Friday, September 3, 2010

Redirecting My Inner Two-Year-Old

One month into Shop Your Closet and I'm hitting a wall. My inner two-year-old has thrown herself on the floor and is kicking her legs in the air, screaming and red-faced with rage.

I need to redirect her so she doesn't draw all over the walls with a big black Sharpie.

On the flip side, the "nothing from a bag or box" eating shift (because it is NOT a diet) is working. Each day, usually in the afternoon, I find myself opening pantry and refrigerator doors and staring inside, itching for something, anything. That's when I ask myself "are you really hungry, or are you bored, or tired, or thirsty?" and listen to the answer. So far I have walked away. That moment is not easy.

The wonderful thing so far, about the eating, is how much room there is for actual meals, and for good food, when you aren't eating junk. It's so freeing. Yesterday, I made a batch of cookies from scratch and ate one guilt-free. Now, *that* was a moment.

Excuse me, now, while I go put my inner two-year-old in a time out. When her two minutes are done, maybe she can have a cookie.


  1. LOL Laura I just had to say how funny you are!! I have a very vivid picture of you as a 2 year old having a tantie!

    I hope she behaves herself for a little while now ;)

  2. I think you're doing great. You're beeing a true inspiration for me to find other joys in life than shopping.And one of them has been cooking decent meals.I think I'll try tricoting after this ;)