Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Closet Orphan Challenge

Kristen over at www.lowfatdressing.blogspot.com issued a challenge this week to SYCers. The challenge? Pull one orphaned item of clothing from the back of your closet each day, and wear it in a new way.

My first instinct was to duck my head or look distractedly out the window. No, no, tempting as that was, I instead raised my hand and volunteered.

Here's my first attempt. The closet orphan du jour is the wine-colored blouse. It's got puffy sleeves and a ruffled placket and banded waist. I bought it two years ago, wore it quite a bit, and then ... well, let's just say I'm not sure if I wore it at all last fall. Usually I wore it with bootcut jeans and a black moto jacket. Today, I tried to breathe new life into the blouse by pairing it with olive green skinny cargoes, bronze Me Too wedges, and a black moto vest. Not sure what I thought. It is a pretty dark outfit ... a denim vest would have been fab too. I tried it with my Hinge denim vest, but that vest was too light and summery looking.

And now, a bonus What I Wore, to teach Sunday School to 15 little kids who looked up at me expectantly and called me "Mrs. T."! Dress by Max Studio, Mary Jane pumps from Clarks. I LOVE this dress with capital


  1. That dress is really, really fantastic. No wonder why you love it!

    I don't think the first outfit is too dark - the top isn't bright, but it's very rich (and looks great with olive.) That vest works SO well with your wardrobe, Laura.

  2. YAY! Great choice for the SYC challenge; the top is a great rich color and goes great with the olive cargoes (aren't you glad you kept those?) and the moto. I usually see you in the moto with a dress, so I like seeing you change that up here.

    And that dress for church is fantastic. Love the overlapping banding!

  3. Adore the wine coloured top & the outfit you have put together with it is simply amazing! Think you'll rock it more often now?