Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday - and a Room Redecorating Project

Hi Everyone!
Here's what I'm wearing today. It's an outfit I posted on YLF two years ago, with a white ruffled shirt and a lightweight wool cowlneck over it - both from Club Monaco. Add a pair of David Kahn bootcuts and a LAMB handbag and I'm good to go. Neutral? Yes. The only color is cobalt, on the handbag. I've been in a neutral mood lately!

In other news, I've completed the Guest Room Project, which took on epic proportions as I moved my husband's home office into my (ahem, our) office space on the main floor. It's a small bedroom, and it was trying to be both a guest room and a home office - a room serving two purposes never works! Lesson learned.

Room before, as it was being disassembled:

Room after:

MUCH more girly and romantic than any other room in our house! Is this is what happens when you live with three males?

Have a good weekend, everyone. SYC Week 8 starts Monday!


  1. Wow, the guest room is beautiful. What a transformation! Girly, yes, but it looks like a comfortable and warm place to stay as well. Congrats on completing the project!

    Laura, I love the ruffly blouse peeping out from under the cropped-sleeve sweater. What a pretty, polished casual outfit. It's such a perfect time of year to embrace neutrals that sometimes go into hibernation during the summer.

  2. That is a GREAT outfit. Can't believe you haven't repeated it in two years. That's an impressive closet.

    Also impressive is that I remember you posting that on YLF, which leads me to think I have been on that site for two years already. Wow, really?

    Fantastic job on the guest room! Can I come visit? ;-D