Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Non-Travelling Travel Writer

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting at The Noodle with the publisher, editor and ad sales director of a local magazine called Make It Better ( The fabulous highlight of this lunch was getting to talk to Larry, the publisher, an accomplished journalist and former Pioneer Press publisher, who has a killer sense of humor and carries a reporter's notebook in his back pocket. I love that. Once a reporter, always a reporter.

We talked travel stories for upcoming issues: adventure travel, unusual mother-daughter trips, boys' days out in the city, county fairs (LOVE this. I covered county fairs every summer as a cub reporter. Nothing like a good horse pull. Or an interview with Weird Al Yankovich.) Most amazing? They want stories about places other than Chicago. Imagine that. Much as I have hinted to Frommer's that I could write about places other than my home, they insist on using writers who live in the cities they cover. Fine. I get that. Imagine: Now I can become a travel writer who actually travels. Suggestions for my first destination, anyone?


  1. I love county fairs! I can never find anyone to go to one with me.

    Can you travel anywhere? I tend to go to the same places all the time, mostly to visit family. I would love to go to New Mexico eventually for a trip. I already love Arizona.

  2. New Mexico? You are so on top of trends, Kristen! Natl Geographic just named Red River (pop. 515) one of the best places to live and play right now: